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Breaking 15,000/My Villain/A Gift to The World/Stoked

15,000 words exactly, lovelies. I am concerned, however. I seem to have built myself a bridge to nowhere. This bridge is a 6,000-word rabbit trail that goes nowhere until maybe the last 200 words. But I have more of a direction more after blasting through approximately 1,000 words.

I also know how to write my villain. In draft #1, he was a maniac. Now I really want to not make him quite so maniacally evil and more condescending and pompous. Like he’s not evil because of some tragic backstory – he’s evil because he thinks he’s a gift to the world and thinks he should rule everyone. I’ve never written anything like this before and I’m stoked. Confession: I generally fall in love with my villains because they’re always super attractive. I don’t picture myself falling for this one at all.

I do, however, see myself laughing a lot. I think I may write a scene with him in it later just for fun.

I hope that y’all have the best day ever.


Ryon xx


It’s Been a Year/Defenestrating My Inner Editor/Farmhouse of Feels/Building Khairos/Short Story World History/On Fire

Hey, guys!!

It’s been a year. A crazy year.

The writer’s block has persisted up until last week when I decided to defenestrate my inner editor and just go where the words take me. I’m going into terra incognita and am loving it. Basil has evolved quite a lot from draft #1, going from a handsome stalker type to an equally as handsome but socially awkward gardening nerd.

I’m also narrating entirely from Terra’s POV, which might make things interesting when I get to the Farmhouse of Feels scene. I think that she’s gonna have the hallucinations while Basil is off running the empire.

I’ve also been worldbuilding with some very excellent people. The actual world of Khairos, Terra’s planet that is only touched on in draft #1, has finally started taking shape. It’s helping me flesh out details a ton. I’ve started to create an entire world history for it, too, told in short stories.

I might post them – and other details. Maybe. If you guys are super nice, I may consider it.

I’ve also written 6,000 words in around 6 days.

I’m on fire.

Let’s hope that it stays that way.


Ryon xx

Storyboarding/Byzantine Lectures/Book Hunting/Irreverent History/Justinian II/Carthage

Hello, my lovelies.

I’m sorry that I haven’t written anything recently. I really need to do better about that. I’ve been writing up a storm in other places, however. Like on my story Terra. Things are becoming intense. I’ve also been doing more Byzantine Empire research to beef up said story, and so far it is working. I’m worried that there will be too many battle strategies and not enough romance/fast-paced plot. It would be cool if I could be able to turn it into a 7-part epic series, but I doubt that that will happen. I think that it would also be better if I storyboarded it – and storyboarded it intensely. 

Speaking of my Byzantine Empire research, my dad got me an audio recording of a series of lectures on the Byzantine Empire for my birthday, and that’s where I’m doing most of my research. 

Other parts of my research come from my Half-Price Books hunting excursions – that I probably should not be doing. Not because my hunts are inappropriate, (except for last time, but it was because of an irreverent book, not because of anything I personally did) but because I go there and get a bunch of history books that I’ll probably read in a year…or never. But they are so awesome-looking and fascinating. At least they will be when I read them. 

I did make some headway in the irreverent one just because it was so funny. It’s called Badass and it covers some of the most ruthless/courageous/insane people in history in a way that would make a sailor proud. I don’t think that the book dropped any F-bombs, though. I may have made some heads turn in the store because I was laughing so hard while reading the section on Justinian II. 

Basically Justinian II spent his entire reign picking fights, like Otto Von Bismarck but more ruthless. This ruthlessness got him exiled and then executed. He was a weird, weird person. 

I’m surprised that the author did not cover Hannibal, the guy who invaded Rome by going over the Alps. I don’t know much about him, but he seems like an interesting fellow. I know that the Romans hated Carthage – the rival empire where Hannibal hailed from – so much that they sowed the fields of Carthage with salt so that nothing could grow. Their battle cry was also “Hannibal’s at the gates” for a great many years. 

Anyway, I discovered that I had a gift card to Barnes & Noble, so you probably know what that means. I have license for a Barnes & Noble hunt now! Things should get interesting. 

Have a lovely day, beauties. 

-Ryon xx



A little introduction/Thunderscuzzing/Writer’s Block/Half-Price History

Hello, lovelies. I am Ryon, and this is my blog.

I am a musician, writer and history fanatic. A word of warning before I continue:

I probably will not post every day, and I probably will not post every week. Or every month. However, if I do post every day of every week of every month, it will be a miracle and I will be eternally grateful for it.

Now, back to the post.

As I was saying, I love history, making music and writing. I am also a Mormon, so I will make references to my religion from time to time. This blog will be quite random, so some posts may not have any rhyme or reason.

I would like to establish a rule for myself – I will do my utmost not to complain about anything, even if someone/something makes me very angry or sad. I don’t want to depress anyone, including myself. If I do complain, I will do my best to put a positive spin on it.

So, onto my life.

As well as being a musician, I love to listen to music. I sometimes have two or three songs stuck in my head at the same time. So, I am a notorious “thunderscuzz” – a word that means that I skip songs like nobody’s business. I have no idea if that is an actual word, but I like it.

So, a song by the band Echosmith just came on with a rhythm section that reminds me of “High and Dry” by Radiohead, so I think I shall listen to that now.

Now that that is playing, I can again concentrate on blogging.

It seems as though writer’s block has set in for every kind of writing except for blogging/journalling. Writer’s block is a funny thing. My friend and I have this theory that when writer’s block comes in the middle of a story, it is the characters shaming the author for past wrongs.

I agree with this. I agree with this wholeheartedly.

I am currently in the middle of the second draft of my story Terra – draft one can be found on Wattpad if you’d like to see where I am trying to go, only with much more detail – and it is giving me trouble. I am in love with my main characters, but it just seems to be stalling because I’m never sure of how I want to connect plot points. On the bright side, it gives me time for other pursuits *cough* Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, etc. *cough*. I really should do other things. Like read my history books which are becoming quite dusty over in their box.

How I got them is quite an interesting story.

I was browsing in the World History section of my local Half-Price Books when I decided to look up at the top of the shelf. There they were. Almost an entire set of history books from a series that I loved, some not even unwrapped yet. Alas, I only went to the bookstore with 20 dollars. There was no way that I could afford all of them. So, I went to the guy at the counter to see if he could cut me a deal on at least some of them. He told me to pick my favorites.

Cardinal Rule of history nerds: NEVER ask a history nerd to pick her favorite time period – it’s like asking a mother to choose her favorite child. Although I do have a favorite, but I already owned the book from that series that covered it.

So, I returned to him and said that I could not pick my favorites. I also informed him of my fiscal predicament and he ended up selling them to me for under twenty dollars.

This is why I love Half-Price Books. It’s like Christmas every time I go.

Well, lovelies. I think that’s enough for one day.

‘Til next time,

-Ryon xx

PS. It’s Bastille Day today. Does anyone care to storm a prison with me??