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Surprise!/Khairos/Worldbuilding/MANY worlds

Hello, again! Guess who is alive!


I am making progress on Terra again. Well, more specifically, with Khairos, but it’s still cool.

And the worldbuilding continues…

With some quick math, I learned that  27 generations, assuming the average current human lifespan of just under 75 years, equals roughly 2,020 years. So now I’m working on a history book for New Byzantium and a book of short stories about Khairos and a massive outline for Terra’s arc and backstory that might end up being longer than the first draft of the story itself. And the first draft was basically my outline. This is what happens when I get lots of ideas and I get them all at the same time.

Wish me luck, dears.

Also, Khairos may be only one world out of many that I get to build. This may never get done.

Again, wish me luck.

Love y’all!



Breaking 15,000/My Villain/A Gift to The World/Stoked

15,000 words exactly, lovelies. I am concerned, however. I seem to have built myself a bridge to nowhere. This bridge is a 6,000-word rabbit trail that goes nowhere until maybe the last 200 words. But I have more of a direction more after blasting through approximately 1,000 words.

I also know how to write my villain. In draft #1, he was a maniac. Now I really want to not make him quite so maniacally evil and more condescending and pompous. Like he’s not evil because of some tragic backstory – he’s evil because he thinks he’s a gift to the world and thinks he should rule everyone. I’ve never written anything like this before and I’m stoked. Confession: I generally fall in love with my villains because they’re always super attractive. I don’t picture myself falling for this one at all.

I do, however, see myself laughing a lot. I think I may write a scene with him in it later just for fun.

I hope that y’all have the best day ever.


Ryon xx

It’s Been a Year/Defenestrating My Inner Editor/Farmhouse of Feels/Building Khairos/Short Story World History/On Fire

Hey, guys!!

It’s been a year. A crazy year.

The writer’s block has persisted up until last week when I decided to defenestrate my inner editor and just go where the words take me. I’m going into terra incognita and am loving it. Basil has evolved quite a lot from draft #1, going from a handsome stalker type to an equally as handsome but socially awkward gardening nerd.

I’m also narrating entirely from Terra’s POV, which might make things interesting when I get to the Farmhouse of Feels scene. I think that she’s gonna have the hallucinations while Basil is off running the empire.

I’ve also been worldbuilding with some very excellent people. The actual world of Khairos, Terra’s planet that is only touched on in draft #1, has finally started taking shape. It’s helping me flesh out details a ton. I’ve started to create an entire world history for it, too, told in short stories.

I might post them – and other details. Maybe. If you guys are super nice, I may consider it.

I’ve also written 6,000 words in around 6 days.

I’m on fire.

Let’s hope that it stays that way.


Ryon xx