Surprise!/Khairos/Worldbuilding/MANY worlds

Hello, again! Guess who is alive!


I am making progress on Terra again. Well, more specifically, with Khairos, but it’s still cool.

And the worldbuilding continues…

With some quick math, I learned that  27 generations, assuming the average current human lifespan of just under 75 years, equals roughly 2,020 years. So now I’m working on a history book for New Byzantium and a book of short stories about Khairos and a massive outline for Terra’s arc and backstory that might end up being longer than the first draft of the story itself. And the first draft was basically my outline. This is what happens when I get lots of ideas and I get them all at the same time.

Wish me luck, dears.

Also, Khairos may be only one world out of many that I get to build. This may never get done.

Again, wish me luck.

Love y’all!



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