An Every Day Thing/14,000 Words/The Fourth/Registers


I’m strongly considering making this an every day thing and updating the world on the novel progress and life in general. I tried last July and only managed 3 long, rambling entries about history and such. I’m so glad that any of y’all liked them. History is something that just rocks, as you have seen.

Novel update: I’ve been writing so much that I have had a 750-word limit per day placed upon me. I broke 14,000 yesterday and spent my word count today writing what I think is an emotional scene that I should like to place somewhere later on in the draft. No idea where I’ll put it, but I hope to keep the vast majority of it.

Life update: The Fourth is coming soon, and it’s my favorite holiday because you get to a.) eat, b.) swim and c.) blow things up. Sounds like a perfect combo to me.

Unfortunately, I have to work that day. Hopefully I’m learning the registers to spice things up. Just pray that I’m not too exhausted to swim!




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